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What’s an Intervention?

When someone you love begins to display symptoms of drug addiction or alcoholism you may ask yourself “how do I help?” It can be extremely difficult to watch a family member or friend slide into the pitfalls of drugs and/or alcohol, and have no idea how to help them get back up. An intervention is a tactic used by many people to assist someone they love. An intervention may be used for one or more of the following; alcohol dependency, drug addiction, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, gambling addiction, or video and internet addiction. These compulsive acts of behavior can be extremely damaging to a persons health and wellbeing. That being said, if you recognize these traits in a friend or family member, do not hesitate—act immediately. Contact a professional interventionist and work with them to develop an appropriate plan of action.

Performing a Drug Intervention

A drug intervention is a good way for family and friends to offer their support to an individual who is suffering from drug addiction. Some common effects of drug addiction are feelings of loneliness and isolation. A drug intervention then, is a way for family and friends to offer their support and encouragement and show the individual that they are not alone in this. The final goal of a drug intervention is to persuade the individual to participate in a drug treatment program.

Performing an Alcohol Intervention

Like a drug intervention, an alcohol intervention aims to encourage and support individuals who are suffering from a form of chemical dependency, specifically targeting individuals who are suffering from alcoholism. Prior to the intervention, it is recommended that family members work with an interventionist to plan out an appropriate strategy, and do a fair amount of research on possible alcohol treatment centers.


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