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What is Teen Addiction?

There has been a violent increase in teen and adolescent vulnerability to drug abuse and alcoholism in recent years. Growing pressure from peers, and mounting illustrations of rampant drug use and alcohol abuse in the media both add to this increased vulnerability. Youth are at an age where peer pressure is everywhere, and fitting in is more important than abiding by rules or morals. Because of these various factors, teen addiction has become a widespread concern. There are risk factors that may be identified that reveal and increased potential for teen addiction, so being aware of these risk factors is extremely important.

What Now? Performing an Intervention

After acknowledging that your teen, or an adolescent you are close to, has fallen victim to some form of addiction it is important to act immediately. An intervention is one option for families who must witness their child suffer from drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, etc. In cases of teen addiction, an intervention can be the key to getting them the help that they need. An intervention can be administered in various ways depending on how the family wishes to act, and depending on the severity of the addiction. In many cases, working with a professional interventionist is the key to a successful intervention. An interventionist can help the family develop an appropriate plan of action, and can be there to facilitate the process.

Why to Use a Family Intervention

A family intervention is often recommended, especially in cases of teen addiction. It is extremely important that the individual who is suffering understands that they have an encouraging and supportive network behind them. Understanding that his or her family is not mad, but simply wishes to help them get better is also very important. For this reason, everyone who participates must be prepared, both emotionally and mentally. The family intervention should be a non-judgmental encouraging discussion that aims to get the teen into a treatment program where they can begin to work towards recovery.


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