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An intervention is an action undertaken in order to change what is happening or might happen in anotherís affairs, especially in order to prevent something undesirable. Interventions are often used in cases of drug addiction, alcoholism, a gambling addiction, a sex addiction, etc. Interventionists are highly qualified individuals who are specialized in breaking a dependency on something. The intervention itself is developed through various meetings with the interventionist. Oftentimes the interventionist will facilitate the intervention, and family members and perhaps close friends will be present for it. The goal is to encourage the individual to confront the reality of his or her addiction or dependency, and to get the help that they need. Help may come in the form of inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, family therapy, etc.

Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention focuses on individuals who are abusing alcohol. If a family member contacts an interventionist in the hopes of getting someone they love help, it is important that the interventionist receives a drug and alcohol history, legal matters, physical health, mental health, social engagements and psychological history. All of these must be assessed prior to performing the intervention. After reviewing these matters the interventionist may assist the family in moving forward.

Drug Intervention

A drug intervention is very similar to an alcohol intervention, but focuses on individuals who are abusing drugs (street drugs, or prescription drugs). The primary goal is to get the individual the help that he or she needs. A common tactic used by alcoholics and drug addicts is denial. The goal of the intervention is to assist them in escaping this denial and admitting to his or her problem. Once recognition of the problem has been made, he or she can move forward in recovery.


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