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Teen Addiction

Teen addiction is on the rise as drugs and alcohol become more accessible to young people. Preventing teen addiction is extremely important and should be on every parentís to-do list. However, prevention can only go so far and many teens will continue to fall victim to peer pressure and experimentation. Adolescence is a difficult period of time, and many teens will experiment with street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol during this time in their life. For some, it will stop there. For others, this experimentation will lead to habitual use, which will eventually lead to addiction.

Drug Intervention

For teens who are experimenting with drugs, a drug intervention is recommended. A drug intervention aims to break the dependency that the individual has formed on his or her drug or drugs of choice. Denial is a common tactic used by teen addicts. Fear of getting in trouble often prevents them from getting help in the first place, therefore denial that the problem even exists is common. The goal of the intervention is to help him or her confront reality and admit to his or her problem. After recognition of the drug dependency has been made, the individual may begin the process of recovery.

Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention may be performed on teens who are suffering from alcohol abuse. An alcohol intervention takes similar steps as a drug intervention. The intervention itself should be encouraging and non-judgmental. If the family decides to work with an interventionist, they will facilitate the intervention while the family members discuss their concerns, fears, anxieties, etc., with the individual. The goal is to encourage the individual to get the help that they need. This could mean inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, counseling sessions, therapy, 12-step programs, etc.


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