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Every single person has moments of weakness. We all at one point or another feel as though we have failed in some regard. We require support from family, friends, professionals, etc., to help us regain strength and move forward. These momentary feelings of weakness or failure can be a product of any number of things. Interventions are one way of assisting a loved one through a moment of weakness or failure. An intervention occurs when an individual needs help but may not realize it. He or she may be in a state of denial regarding the severity of what is going on, or he or she may not even realize that a problem exists. The goal of the intervention is to help them confront the issue head on. Family and friends come together and provide love, support, and encouragement, in the hopes of getting the individual the help that he or she needs.

Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention is an example of assisting a loved one through a period of weakness. Alcoholism is a disabling addictive disorder characterized by the compulsive and uncontrolled abuse of alcohol, despite adverse effects upon the drinker's health and negative social consequences upon his or her life. The intervention aims to help the individual confront this reality and restructure his or her lifestyle in a more positive manner.

Drug Intervention

Similar to an alcohol intervention, a drug intervention addresses a drug-addicted individual and aims to inform him or her about the negative implications of his or her drug abuse. The intervention will hopefully lead to admission into treatment where he or she can begin the detoxification process, followed by counseling and therapy. Interventions can save lives. Talk to a professional interventionist today and begin planning before it is too late


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