Interventions: Drug Intervention And Alcohol Intervention

Our experienced and highly qualified interventionists effectively deal with the following:

• Alcohol dependency
• Drug addiction
• Eating disorders
• Prescription drug abuse
• Gambling addiction
• Video and internet addiction

The drug intervention breaks through denial and motivates the one who is in crisis to seek the help they so desperately need. This is achieved through the intervention of family and friends, whose approach is in a loving supportive, and non-confrontational way, offering their thoughts, feelings, love, and concern for their loved one.

Interventions are a way for family members to come together with a solution, through love and support, to offer their loved one treatment. My role as an interventionist is to create a safe and solid environment where this process can take place.

The alcohol intervention process begins when LifeLine Interventions is contacted by a family member or concerned friend. An interventionist will conduct an assessment, which will include all relevant facts about the individual in crisis, such as drug and alcohol history, legal matters, physical health, mental health, social engagements and psychological history, and more. At that stage the interventionist will determine and recommend a clinically appropriate action plan, which best suits the individual in crisis as well as the family.

alcohol intervention "And the day came when the desire to remain the same became more painful than the risk to grow."

-Anais Nin




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Lifeline Interventions is a National Intervention company helping give hope to families that are stuggling.
We specialize in: Alcohol & Drug Interventions, Gambling Interventions, Eating Disorder Interventions & Internet Interventions

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