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Are you feeling that you are in a hopeless cycle? Are you feeling powerless, scared and unsure of what to do? Countless families have been moved out of crisis and into the solution through the alcohol and drug intervention process.

Alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders are progressive and chronic diseases that, if left untreated, will result in a cycle of tragic events the worst being death of the one that you love. No one has to hit bottom to receive help, through the drug and alcohol intervention process we will raise the bottom and will have a greater chance at moving your loved one to treatment. Interventions works! Having a trained professional interventionist present can make all of the difference.

Alcoholism and drug addiction can devastate entire families, and Lifeline Interventions has the experience needed to stage a successful family intervention and bring loved ones back from the brink of self-destruction. Teen addiction is more prevalent than ever, and we can give parents the help they need to combat this deadly disease. From alcohol and drug addiction to eating disorder or video game addiction, an adolescent intervention can be the answer to the hopes and prayers of families in jeopardy.

Your loved one needs your help, and often without an intervention abuse of drugs and alcohol can become deadly. There is hope, but we must act before it is too late to save the ones we love. For some, interventions are their only hope.

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Lifeline Interventions is a National Intervention company helping give hope to families that are stuggling.
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