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Alcohol Intervention

The truly ugly effects of alcohol addiction are sometimes quite evident in the physical demeanor of an individual suffering from the debilitating disease of alcoholism. But, sometimes these characteristic are less obvious, and this is when alcohol intervention can be as difficult as drug addiction intervention.

Most alcoholics believe their symptoms are related to an abundance of good times — or at least that’s what they try to convince themselves of. It’s a case of “Why can’t I do it if you can?” This is especially difficult in the alcohol intervention groups where some of the alcoholic’s friends may be some of their drinking buddies. After all, an alcohol addict doesn’t want the euphoric feelings of alcohol abuse to disappear. In some cases, it’s as important as life itself. And, in some cases, it means the life, or death, of the alcoholic.

With a well thought-out, carefully designed, and compassionate plan for alcohol intervention, Lifeline Interventions allows the sober support group to communicate with the individual in a way that opens their mind and soul to the need for change. Al things considered, if the alcohol intervention doesn’t work, and the change doesn’t happen, they won’t need alcohol to numb the pain when they’re done and gone.

Family Intervention

The closeness of the family is essential to the survival of civilized man. This is a basic principle taught and learned in the halls of every psychology school and behavioral center.

For some families, the desire to not change is the same as avoiding conflict or difficulty — and family intervention is truly difficult. This is why it takes a true commitment from the family — for adolescent intervention, executive intervention, teenager intervention, or eating disorder intervention — to get the family member to listen and open-up to the possibility of recovery.

Our addiction resources at Lifeline Interventions include everything necessary, from sober support groups to recovery consulting to addiction consulting, for the family unit to come together with an effective plan of intervention.


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alcohol intervention
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