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Do You Need an Intervention?

Addiction is a very severe and life-threatening ailment. Addiction can come in many shapes and forms, and can have an extremely damaging impact on a personís life. Chemical dependency, or a reliance on various chemical substances is one of the most common, yet most severe forms of addiction. When it reaches a certain point, many people have no choice but to intervene. When performing an intervention it is extremely important to be familiar with the side effects of chemical dependency, and to understand that these chemicals have altered the individualís brain in ways that are out of their control. That being said, it is important for every individual who wishes to participate in the intervention to be emotionally and mentally prepared for the process and for the aftermath.

When a Family Intervention is Required

There are a number of addictions that may require, or could benefit from a family intervention. Alcohol dependency, drug addiction, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, gambling addiction, and video and Internet addiction, to name a few. A family intervention can be extremely difficult. Therefore, it is extremely important for only those family members who can remain committed and dedicated to getting the individual the help they need in an encouraging manner to participate. While it can be scary to interject in a family members life, it is better to withstand feelings of betrayal or disloyalty, than to lose them to drugs or alcohol, or anything else forever.

Teen Addiction

A family intervention is most necessary in cases of teen addiction. Teen addiction has become extremely prevalent in our society, and teens are of an age where they are most vulnerable. It is very important for family members to be encouraging and supportive in their attempt to help their teen move forward in a positive manner.


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