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When Scheduling An Alcohol Intervention Take Some Things Into Account

Alcohol intervention is the first step to getting an addict into rehab. It doesnít mean that they wil immediately go or every go to rehab. It just means that itís the beginning of a sometimes long and hard journey to getting the person you love to recognize and seek out help. Usually, alcoholics on some level know they have a problem. They donít want to admit it sometimes for fear that their life is going to change forever.

Interventions Can Get Ugly

When someone has a drug or alcohol problem chances are they are in denial. They are also not themselves when theyíve been drinking or abusing drugs. Therefore, interventions can get pretty ugly. There is a slew of emotions and addict can feel during an intervention: betrayal, defensive, angry, hurt, etc. Typically, they are in denial. They will say and do things to deflect the attention from themselves and onto you. Some interventions have ended friendships. Not all interventions get ugly but you need to be prepared to lose a friend sometimes to save a life.

Intervention Adolescent Is Probably One Of The Toughest Interventions

When an adult has a drinking or drug problem itís definitely upsetting. Seeing anyone abuse drugs or alcohol and continue to hurt themselves on a daily schedule can be heart wrenching. However, when an adolescent is abusing drugs or alcohol itís unnerving. Seeing an adolescent in pain is, well, painful. Intervention adolescent is mandatory if you know a teen who is abusing drugs or alcohol. Their brains are not fully developed yet, according to an article in the NY Times and they can seriously do early damage to themselves.


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